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Our ambition is to enhance your natural beauty because we believe that when you look good, you feel confident. 


Your partner in goal fulfillment, DERMAgraphics is there, from start to finish. Our investment in results, safety, customer care, and sincerity shows every step of the way.





The DERMAgraphics formula for successful, permanent results includes extensive training and superior health & safety standards, but relies on an deeply rooted artistic background to achieve hyper-realistic, undetectable, natural enhancements.



Our advanced technology and commitment to excellence can help you achieve the appearance and positive self-image you deserve.



We are proud to work with all ethnicities & genders.


⌖   Continued education in our craft & the most advanced skills & techniques
⌖   Nurturing spa environment & a company culture of inclusivity and respect
⌖   Dedicated  & personalized technical support  for each client's experience






DERMAgraphics & the SPCP

DERMAgraphics owner Kristin Morris is a licensed micro-pigmentation artist and expert clinician who holds various specialized certifications, including Scalpa & PhiContour.  Kristin is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP).

All CPCP must meet and exceed the highest standards of our industry in technical knowledge and OSHA BBP compliance, and engage in continuing education to retain their certification. This ensures a safe environment and cutting edge artistry.

Kristin continues to hone her expertise with advanced classes and certifications by industry leaders such as Microbeau, Selen Scenalp, Permablend,  Teryn Darling, & Tina Davies.

Tattoo & micro-pigmentation are only two of Kristin's art mediums. She also paints & draws, sews & cooks, and is generally considered to be quite crafty. Only truly satisfied when doing something at 110%, Kristin is probably not easy to live with, which is why she so admires and adores her sainted husband. Together with their cuddlicious dog Gracie, Kristin & St. Gregg spend their free time sailing on the Chesapeake.

Maggie K. 

Kristin is a perfectionist, which exactly what one wants when getting a permanent tattoo! LOVE my brows and all the compliments I’m getting! Wish I hadn’t waited so long to have Kristin do this for me!

Trisha R.

Kristin understands that in order to serve a client, there needs to be a connection. Fortunately, she’s as good with people as she is ink. Kristin has a natural ability to connect with people on a meaningful level. She gracefully plays both the part of a professional and a friend while she works. From your first consultation to when she finishes your tattoo, Kristin will have you at ease.

Renee M.   

A big thanks to @dcdermagraphics for my perfect lips!!! 💋👄 Exactly what I wanted- something natural, my lips but better. My lips never look pale anymore if I leave the house without makeup. There was some asymmetry to my lips naturally and she was able to balance the shape! I can never imagine not having PMU again. I only apply makeup now for special occasions. For day to day, my PMU lips and lash extensions are perfect.