cosmetic tattoo gives you confidence

My ambition is to enhance your natural beauty, because I believe that when you look good, you feel confident. 

Your partner in goal fulfillment, DERMAgraphics is there, from start to finish. My personal and professional investment in results, safety, customer care, and sincerity are yours, every step of the way.

My formula for successful, permanent results includes extensive training and superior health & safety standards, but relies on an deeply rooted artistic background to achieve the hyper-realistic, undetectable, natural enhancements DERMAgraphics is known for.

The advanced technology and commitment to excellence here at DERMAgraphics will help you achieve the appearance and positive self-image you deserve.


I am proud to work with all ethnicities & genders.





Continued education in our craft & the most advanced skills & techniques

Dedicated  & personalized technical support  for each client's experience

Nurturing spa environment & a company culture of inclusivity and respect


Kristin Morris

It is a joy and an honor to practice the art of tattoo/micropigmentation every day.


Although I have always been an artist, only when I began tattooing did I experience true artistic harmony. As a tattoo artist I get the artistic stimulation of always pushing oneself to achieve better and better work, coupled with the pleasure of having my work serve the needs of others. My artistic inspiration and my client's needs are symbiotic.  


As with my drawing & painting, my preferred tattoo style is realism, and specifically hyper-realism in micro-pigmentation. To ensure I learned everything there is to know about skin & ink I logged hundreds and hundreds of hours, both theoretical and practical, and hold licenses & certifications from several internationally acclaimed micro-pigmentation programs. I am an active member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), participating on the legislation committee. Together with the Coalition for Tattoo Safety, the SPCP is encouraging state legislators to adopt higher tattoo standards and regulations. A partial list of my licenses & certifications are listed below.

I am very impressed with how quickly the tattoo industry is evolving, and I am thrilled to be a part of that change. In order to always be providing my clients with the very best, my vendors & partners are all industry outliers, artists in their own right, always seeking to elevate expectations. What's more, most products are all natural, vegan, and often times produced here in North America - including my machines. A partial list of these magnificent souls is below.


It is important to me that my clients feel seen, heard, respected & honored. Your experience in my studio is of paramount importance. The studio environment is adapted to your comfort in terms of lights, sounds, smells and temperature. Every service begins with a comprehensive consult, and every color & design decision mutually agreed upon. I do not rush appointments, because I do not view my work as transactional, but rather as a creative collaboration. 

My commitment to you is Artistry, Integrity & Expertise.  I sincerely look forward to working with you!

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