Good permanent cosmetics enhance your appearance and reduce or eliminate reliance on topical makeup application, saving time & effort. Bad permanent cosmetics do the opposite.

Why use makeup to cover up bad permanent cosmetics?! Let me fix it for you, so you can enjoy your permanent cosmetics as intended.

Don't Regret It, Eject It!

Color corrections and design improvements are fairly straightforward repairs  that I have the skills to offer, let's see if we can get you the results you sought from permanent cosmetics. 

There are some cases however, when removal is the only option. At DERMAgraphics, we use Li-FT Saline Tattoo Removal to lighten and remove unwanted pigment. Li-FT is available only to licensed professionals and the Li-FT Removal method is the most efficient saline removal technique for the removal of permanent cosmetics.

Book a free 30 minute consultation and I will assess your circumstances and advise you on available treatment options, and a cost estimate.

(Simple corrections range from $300 to $500, complex cases with multiple removal/correction sessions up to $900.) 

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While healed permanent cosmetics sometimes require multiple sessions in order to see lightening or removal results, fresh permanent cosmetics can sometimes be eliminated with a single application if done within the first 24 hours (or so).

Emergency Removals are available for $200.

*Call 202-539-1192 and we will do our best to help