DERMAgraphics para-medical tattoo

The complex art & science of Para-Medical Micro Pigmentation 

minimizes scars & skin imperfections resulting from a surgery,

illness or trauma.


Hyper-realistic camouflage tattoo techniques & micro-needling 

(Collagen Induction Therapy) are used together to achieve the very best results. Book a  consult today and discover what treatment options are available for your unique circumstances. 


Side effects include a welcome boost of self-confidence!

Treatments are customized to each client's unique needs, and typically require a series of sessions. Prices vary, based on the complexity & length of appointment. Contact  DERMAgraphics today to schedule a free, no obligation consult to explore how we can help.     

COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY - also known as Microchanneling -  is recommended by dermatologists & skincare specialists as the most effective treatment for the reduction or elimination of scars.

3D Areola Restoration & Camouflage results are immediate, hyper-realistic & permanent.

A wide variety of scars & skin imperfections can benefit from carefully curated CAMOUFLAGE micro-pigmentation.​ 

3D AREOLA RESTORATION is a non-surgical, specialty micro-pigmentation procedure often recommended by oncologists & plastic surgeons as the final stage of breast reconstruction, and is typically covered by insurance. (Policies vary.)

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