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PERMANENT COSMETICS grants the freedom of effortless natural beauty

Modern pigments, instruments & techniques allow a skilled technician to do undetectable symmetry & definition beauty enhancements, and confidently offer permanent cosmetics applications - such as eye liner - that replace the necessity of applied makeup. 21st century pigments are carefully formulated to complement natural skin tones, resulting in delicate work that ages well

Popular enhancements are brows, eyeliner & lips, for which there are a multitude of styles, colors & techniques we employ to deliver each client a personalized design 

CORRECTIONS are advanced, complex procedures to minimize, eliminate or rehabilitate unwanted permanent makeup. Please choose your artist carefully!

 REMOVAL procedures will lighten or remove unwanted tattoo work.  Our salinated removal technique is a viable alternative to lasers for smaller, more delicate areas

Each appointment begins with a consultation where a design approach will be tailored to your desires, taking into account the individual nature of your skin, in order to achieve the best results​

Prices vary, based on the complexity & length of appointment

permanent makeup

A good brow makes all the difference, especially when it is effortless!

Starting at $ 425

permanent makeup

Eye liner isn't just 'makeup' looks.  Subtle enhancements provide definition, discretely.


Starting at $ 325

permanent makeup

Skip the fillers! A boost of healthy color & definition rejuvenate & accentuate the lips.


Starting at $ 450

permanent makeup corrections

Unwanted colors, shapes & styles can be fixed, or at the very least improved, without laser removal. 

Starting at $ 175