The ease & convenience of Permanent Cosmetics enhancement allows women & men to complement their natural features & correct minor irregularities - reducing or eliminating their need for applied cosmetics

What's better than being confident you look your best while celebrating the fact that it required little time or effort?

And knowing that you will effortlessly transition from the gym to the office and beyond

~ beautifully

DERMAgraphics offers natural looking cosmetic enhancements, custom designed for each individual client according to their face shape, skin-tone, and eye & hair color.  


Careful & strategic placement of  specialized  pigments into the skin through a technique called micro-pigmentation allows for most anyone to have  IDEAL Brows, LUSH Lips and VIVID Eyes.

Micro-pigmentation is a form of tattooing, but this is not your mamma's tattooing! Modern permanent cosmetic pigments are very carefully calibrated to achieve completely realistic enhancements. The sophisticated color palettes we use are designed to work with your skin, not obscure it.


Our pigments are designed to naturally fade, accommodating change. Hair color changes, as does face shape. Aesthetic fashions change, too. So should your 'permanent' cosmetics. 

The permanent cosmetics of the 21st century are a completely modern solution to an age old problem. Looking your best has never been easier.


Our permanent cosmetic enhancements are ideal for people:


  • with busy and active lifestyles

  • who experience physical challenges applying topical cosmetics 

  • with scars and asymmetrical facial features they wish to permanently camouflage

  • who prefer not to wear topical makeup, or cannot wear topical makeup

Permanent cosmetic enhancements are an investment in yourself. Please research your options and familiarize yourself with the process of micro-pigmentation in order to enjoy all the benefits & avoid negative outcomes.


There are some situations in which permanent cosmetics is not recommended. To learn more, see Contraindications for Permanent Cosmetics

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Eyebrows can make the most dramatic difference to the basic symmetry and enhancement of the face as a whole.


Why not frame your eyes with IDEAL Brows - the kind that need no maintenence and that won't wash away?

Healthy color and definition rejuvenate lips & make them appear more plump.


Wouldn't it be lovely to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of LUSH Lips without the constant re-application of makeup - completely carefree?

Whether it's a subtle boost of definition at the lash line or an eyeliner makeup look, VIVID Eyeliner results in eyes that look larger & brighter.


In addition to saving time & effort, it liberates you from having topical makeup near your eyes!

CORRECTIONS are advanced, complex procedures to minimize, eliminate or rehabilitate unwanted permanent makeup. 


REMOVAL procedures can lighten or remove unwanted tattoo work. Our salinated removal technique is a viable & more cost effective alternative to laser for smaller, more delicate areas.

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Visit FAQS to learn more about Permanent Cosmetics

Emily A.

Absolutely love Dermagraphics! This place is such a beautiful space - think upscale beauty spa. I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to work on my face either, she is so precise and knowledgeable that I knew I was in great hands. Plus have you seen all of her certifications and trainings on her wall? She is not a novice. You will leave her beauty spa looking amazing and with a new BFF.

Renee M.

A big thanks to @dcdermagraphics for my perfect lips!!! 💋👄 Exactly what I wanted- something natural, my lips but better. My lips never look pale anymore if I leave the house without makeup. There was some asymmetry to my lips naturally and she was able to balance the shape! I can never imagine not having PMU again. I only apply makeup now for special occasions. For day to day, my PMU lips and lash extensions are perfect.

Trisha R.

Kristin understands that in order to serve a client, there needs to be a connection. Fortunately, she’s as good with people as she is ink. Kristin has a natural ability to connect with people on a meaningful level. She gracefully plays both the part of a professional and a friend while she works. From your first consultation to when she finishes your tattoo, Kristin will have you at ease.