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SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION (SMP) is a extremely intricate procedure using specialized equipment & techniques to provide 3D hair simulation in one of two ways:

In the complete absence of follicles, such as the case with male-pattern baldness, individual follicles are hyper-realistically replicated, for the ‘shaved look’

In the case of thinning hair, density is suggested with an undetectable variegated, tight & pixelated shading

COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY (CIT) also known as micro-needling is a proven treatment for some types of hair loss.

The treatment stimulates the dermis, resulting in increased collagen production and nutrient delivery to dormant hair follicles

CIT is proven effective on its own, and is also used as a efficient delivery method for growth serums

Prices vary, based on the complexity & length of appointment
scalp micro pigmentation

Hyper-realistic. Suitable for men & women of any skin type or color  -with immediate results!


Starting at $ 200

scalp pigmentation for women

Undetectable shading to create the appearance of density.

Starting at $ 200

scalp microneedling for hairgrowth

Micro-needling for collagen & hair growth is most safely & effectively done by a trained technician

Starting at $ 200